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Why travel with FIAMM?

Most adaptors available in the market convert DAB digital signal in analogue signal then send audio via FM to the existing car radio.

This reduce advantage of DAB. It re-introduce in the audio signal typical cracks of FM. SM21 offers a different solution.

When applied on most recent cars SM21 keeps DAB signal digital and send audio via bluetooth. Its audio quality is comparable to an OEM system.

The connexion via bluetooth with AVRCP protocol enables the use of original wheel controls of the car without the need to glue or fix extra buttons on the dashboard. It keeps your car interior free from add-ons and you can use your familiar car user interface to control SM21.

The SM21 app is updated regularly keeping pace with the fast moving universe of smartphone. We are actively working to update regularly the app and bring new features to your device.

SM21 also works for older cars (without bluetooth) with its aux-in equipped cable or with the optional add-on of a wired FM transmitter. In this case controls of SM21 is done exclusively via smartphone app and you need to respect driving law of your country.


Smart Antenna SM20

The most integrated DAB solution.


Smart Antenna SM21

DAB in your car, following your needs.